Recent Winners:
Dameion Jamal Lloyd L. £40
Adam D. £25
Hendrica S. €40
Gnanaselvin S. €250
Jain R. £25
Malcolm M. £250
Jaiulabdeen S. €80
Sheen R. £250
Saskia S. £250
Abduwase A. £40

Get Set For The Start Of Pick 3

Pick 3 is launching with its first draw on Tuesday 14th July. This will be your very first opportunity to take part in a game which offers a fresh take on the traditional draw games that UK lottery players know and love.

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Next draw: 6pm

Draws take place at 1pm and 6pm every day so you are never more than a few hours away from the next set of winning numbers being announced. It’s easy to play, too, and you can bet on the results online from the UK or various other countries.  

Picking Numbers a New Way

Pick 3 is not like a traditional lottery, as you only have to select three numbers and the choices only range from 0 to 9. This matrix makes it far more likely to match all the winning numbers than if you had to pick more from a larger field.

The key to Pick 3 is that you can choose between several different bet types, depending on whether you want better odds of winning or a larger potential payout.

If you want to put your three numbers in the order you predict they will appear, this is called a Straight bet because you are betting on one specific outcome. The opposite is a Box bet, where you win if your three numbers appear in any order.

You can also opt for a Straight/Box or a Combo if you want to cover more bases. Alternatively, place a Pairs bet if you just wish to try and predict the front two numbers or the back two numbers. Head over to the Ways to Play page to learn more.

Another novel feature is that you can pick the same number more than once. You may even wish to bet on the same number coming up in every position, for example 7-7-7. This is because each of the winning numbers is selected from a different set of 0 to 9.

Choose Your Bet Amount

Pick 3 gives you the flexibility to decide on how much you bet. There isn’t a fixed price per entry here – instead you have two options. You can wager just £0.50 or spend £1 on a single entry.

The amount you bet determines how much you can win. Bet £0.50 to win £250 on a Straight, or receive £500 for a £1 wager. Either way, the prize for matching all three numbers in the right order is 500x your stake.

For a Box, the prize can be anywhere between £40 and £160. It depends on the combination of numbers you have picked and your bet amount. The best part is that the chances of winning are significantly better than a Straight. 

This associated prize for each bet type and amount is guaranteed, so you know exactly what you will receive if you win. Even if there are multiple winners in a draw, you will get the specified amount.

Online Security

You can only bet on Pick 3 online. You won’t find the game at any retailer. When you take part, your numbers are therefore automatically entered and kept secure until the winning numbers are drawn.

You don’t even need to check the results with Pick 3. You will receive an email notification if you win, and prizes will be paid straight into your online account. It’s then up to you whether you withdraw your winnings to your bank account, or put down some more bets on future draws.

There’s also the convenience of betting online from home or when you are out and about. Log in at any time on your tablet or smartphone, and choose your numbers for the chance to win up to £500.

Published: Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Updated: Wednesday, July 15, 2020