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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Pick 3 or you just want to find out a bit more about how it works, take a look at the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the game. Select a question from the list below to reveal the answer - you can find out more about all the subjects covered here through the Information page.

How do I play Pick 3?
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What types of bet are available?
What is a Straight bet?
What is a Box bet?
When do draws take place?
What is the cut-off time for playing?
Are Pick 3 tickets available in stores?
How do I win prizes?
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How much can I win?
Are prizes shared between winners?
Can the same number be drawn more than once?
What are the odds of winning?
Do prizes roll over if there are no winners?
How do I find out if I’ve won?
How do I claim prizes?
Will my name be made public if I win?